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Lucky Factors For Pisces Rashi

Here are the lucky factors for the Pisces rashi (Moon sign).

Lucky/Unlucky Elements For Pisces

Good Numbers 1, 2, 7, 9
Evil Numbers 6, 8
Lucky Days Mon, Tue, Thu
Good Planets Moon, Mars, Jup
Evil Planets Venus, Mercury
Friendly Signs Can Sco Sag
Good Ascendants Gem, Vir, Scor, Cap
Lucky Metal Bronze
Lucky Stone Yell. Sapph.
Lucky Time Evening
Lucky Direction North-East

Good Numbers:
These numbers are compatible with you. It is more profitable to have associations, relationships and partnerships with people of these numbers. Keeping these numbers in your surroundings will enhance your luck.

Evil Numbers:
These numbers are incompatible with you. You may not profit much from associations with people of these numbers, or the objects you have that have a relationship to these numbers may not give you satisfaction.

Lucky Days:
These are the lucky days for your Rashi.

Lucky Planets:
These planets will bring you luck as per your Rashi. You could derive more benefit during the Dashas or transits of these planets.

Evil Planets:
The Dasha or transit of these planets may not be so lucky for you. So be careful.

Friendly Signs:
These are the Moonsigns that are beneficial for you. People of these Moonsigns will form closer friendships or bonds with you.

Good Ascendants:
These ascendants are favorable for you. People of these ascendants will help you and you will find it easier to get along with them.

Lucky Metal:
The objects made of this metal will bring you good luck. Keep an object of this metal around you to enhance the vibes you receive.

Lucky Stone:
Your lucky stone according to your Rashi. Wearing this stone will bring you luck and good fortune.

Lucky Time:
This is the best time in the day for you. This is the time when your abilities will be at peak. Exploit this hour to get the most out of your life.

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