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Numerology love compatibility for 7 and 7

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The ruling planet for number 7 is Neptune. The people in this association have all the masculine qualities. They are imaginative, intuitive, intelligent, compassionate, peaceful and understanding. These two people make their own rules and principles and do not follow any other conventions. The people in this association may even be harsh critics of each other. People of number 7 do not like having similarities with anyone else and therefore this might create some problems with time.

No one understands the people of number 7 better than themselves. Therefore, this is a very compatible pairing. With the right attitude, this couple will find the interest to freely explore the world together or spend their days in happy solitude together. There are chances that you both will be on the same psychic wavelength, so you will surely catch the signals as they flash by. The downside of this pairing is the tendency of not communicating with each other, so an effort should be made to keep the lines open and operating.

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