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Numerology love compatibility for 6 and 2

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The association between number 2 and number 6 is one of the best combinations. The ruling planet of number 2 is Moon and the ruling planet of number 6 is Venus. People of both of these numbers are spiritual, artistic, imaginative, intuitive, home loving and peace loving. People of number 6 are born hosts and very well-balanced. On the other hand, people of number 2 are moderators and completely support their partners.

People of number 6 are totally devoted towards their family. In the same way, people of number 2 are completely loving and caring. People of number 2 can sometimes be direct and demanding. In the same way, people of number 6 sometimes have sudden needs. Therefore, respect of each other’s feelings is must. Both these people should be understanding and should watch their decisions and behaviour.

Though this association offers a great deal in terms of compatibility, there is still some scope of jealousy and possessiveness. You should give each other room to breathe and grow. This is the key to a healthy relationship. This association is best for friendships and not too bad for love or business partnerships.

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