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Numerology love compatibility for 5 and 1

marriage numerology

A person of number 1 is determined, committed and responsible in this relationship. On the other hand, a person of number 5 is often changing, restless and loves his freedom. It is usually difficult for them to understand each other due to the conflicting personalities. This association could lead to good partnerships for business, profession and finance if both the persons are friends of each other.

This relationship can be vibrant and lively sometimes. Though passion and enthusiasm may be lost amidst jealousy and co-dependency, you may still have a beautiful relationship through a better understanding of each other.

Both of the people in this relationship will like to have freedom. This is actually a good point as none will impose himself or herself on the other. Both of you will truly understand the meaning of freedom in every sense. Your time spent together may be limited but it will be exciting and special. Thus, this could be a very compatible relationship.

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