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Numerology love compatibility for 4 and 1

marriage numerology

The ruling planet of Number 1 is Sun and the ruling planet of Number 4 is Uranus. A relationship based on the combination of these two numbers has opposing but complementary qualities. While the people of number 1 are progressive, ambitious, impulsive and active, the people of number 4 are realistic and earthy.

In a relationship like this differences may arise due to the different personalities. Hence, there is a great need to have an understanding toward your partner. This could be a very well-balanced relationship if a good understanding is present between these two.

Some consider this association to be unhealthy for business or love. According to them, people with this combination can not reach a mutual decision and may spoil the whole relationship eventually. Though this relationship has its own problems, it could can last long if one accepts the other through understanding and discussions.

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