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Numerology love compatibility for 2 and 2

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The ruling planet of Number 2 is Moon. People of number 2 are honest, straight forward, simple and love their family very much. All the qualities like the positive and negatives, likes and dislikes and characteristics of both partners are the same in this combination. Both of them are shy, sensitive, outspoken, multi-talented and sometimes show lack of confidence. Therefore, it will be quite difficult to maintain peace in such a relationship. You will have to make efforts and understand each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

At the beginning of the relationship, both of these may be delighted to see the similarities. But eventually, both may see each other as an extension of oneself and this might create some problems. It is quite hard for this combination to stay in a good relationship, whether in business or in romance.

Some people even believe that this is a great match of two souls just looking for love. They have little difficulty in finding common ground on any issue that arises. The only word of caution for this pair is that they should not cause verbal injury to each other. Generally, this will not be a problem in this relationship because of their polite manners and mutual respect.

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