Marriage match horoscope

by astrowriter4 27. July 2011 12:05

Marriage match horoscope ceremonies are conducted in many states in India. At these ceremonies, the parents of the couple exchange the horoscopes of both future partners in a fancy ceremony with many guests present. Sometimes this ceremony is actually done after the parents already know that the horoscopes match. In some states in India, this ceremony is called jathakam koduppu or horoscope exchange. Jathakam means horoscope in Malayalam and koduppu means giving or exchanging. This is usually the first ceremony of the wedding celebrations. 


Since Indians insist on a single permanent and happy marriage, Vedic astrology is always used in most Indian homes to get a guarantee.  Marriage match horoscope rituals come in handy when Vedic astrology is involved. The ancient Veda texts have detailed instructions on when a person can get married and what criteria are valid for a perfect marriage. Even if two people are not completely matched, which is the case in most of the compatibility matches, Vedic astrologers can suggest many remedies to alleviate the expected troubles. There are very few perfect marriages and the majority of marriages are anything but perfect. However, Vedic astrology has eyes that extend beyond human limits and anyone proficient in our ancient form of astrology can easily match two human beings so that they can have a happy, married life together.


After the “Jathakam koduppu”, the parents are busy planning the engagement ceremony followed by the full fledged marriage ceremony now that the marriage match horoscope

events are over. The engagement is also an occasion to call all family and friends to view such an auspicious ceremony. Many of the already wedded people believe that it is auspicious for their married life to attend more marriage ceremonies. The parents of the bride and groom believe that it is auspicious to have as many wedded couples to bless the bride and groom. So they invite more or less their whole world to come and bless the married couple. The older people sanctify the couple by holding their hands or putting two cupped hands over the heads of the people as a gesture of blessing. The younger crowd just hugs them. India has as many types of marriage ceremonies as the number of states.






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